Why does the speedometer show speeds over 200 km/h?

Modern high-speed cars are such that the car can accelerate up to 200-250 km/h. However, such speeds today in the conditions of Russian roads are almost impossible, and simply are a violation of traffic rules, for which you can be deprived of rights for a long time. Many motorists are interested in the question of why many cars have a mark on the speedometer at 240-260, but the car does not even technically possible to accelerate to that speed. If you have accelerated too much, causing an accident and damaging your car so badly that it is not worth repairing, come here: https://scrapmycarnear.me.

Differences in approaches to speed limit

If in Russia the maximum speed limit is limited at 120 km/h depending on the quality of road surface and class of highways, in the West the speed limits are much higher, and in Germany there are no limits on autobahns at all. Therefore, if in Russia, such speedometers on cars graduated to 200 km / h or more, just irrelevant, but in Germany, on highways drivers often go at a speed over 200. Accordingly, in such circumstances, the presence of such a car speedometer, which has a mark of 240-260 km / h, will be relevant.

Reducing the costs of producing cars

Automakers offer dozens of different engines within the same model, and if the base variants are not so powerful and accelerate to a maximum of 160-180 km/h, the top models can get turbocharged six-cylinder engines, and the maximum speed for such a car will be 250 km/h.

As a result, in order not to put a separate dashboard and speedometer on each modification, most automakers unify their parts, offering the highest possible digitization of speedometer speed. Therefore, you should not be surprised that your city baby, which on the strength of 100 horsepower and can accelerate no more than 140 kilometers per hour, has a speedometer, which shows 220-260.

A small reserve of the speedometer

Speedometer scales are made in such a way that at its maximum the arrow does not rest against the right limiter. Accordingly, such devices on modern cars are made with a small margin, so that the driver was able to better control the speed. Therefore, if the car maximum is 180 km / h, on his speedometer will be a mark of 200-220 kilometers per hour. All this is done to make it easier to drive the car, and the driver can easily control the current speed, while ensuring the full safety of driving a car.

Making it easier to read the readings

Numerous studies of dashboard ergonomics have shown that it is best to read these speed indicators if the speedometer arrow is pointing up or slightly to the right or left. But if it is on the bottom right, it makes it much more difficult to read. It is from the issues of ergonomics and ease of reading indicators, all dashboards and speedometers perform in such a way that even at its maximum speed speed speedometer needle was a maximum of 3 hours, but in no way at the very limit of the bottom right.

The speedometer with big figures pleases the ego!

Psychologists have noticed that potential buyers of cars prefer the models with speedometer showing much bigger figures, than the car can really go. This is often used by manufacturers, who indicate 240-260 km/h on a speedometer, whereas this car reaches 180 km/h maximum. It is done to stimulate sales, influencing a potential buyer of this or that brand at the subconscious level.

Let us summarize.

The speedometers on most cars are graduated with much bigger figures, than the car can really accelerate. It is done for different purposes, including the issues of economy, for the impact on the buyer on a subconscious level or to make it easier to read the speedometer. Also remember, if in Russia the speed over 120 km/h is prohibited, in the west, especially in Germany on the autobahns, there are no restrictions and you can speed up to 200 km/h and more.

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