The history of this car brand may not be as long as that of other car companies, but it is rich in events. The founder of Volkswagen is a famous engineer Ferdinand Porsche, who in the 30s designed small cars with four-cylinder engines. You can recycle an old car of this brand at the company scrap4cash.

In 1934, he received an i


ant order: it was necessary to create a small car of the family type, which was to become a “people’s car”, which is translated in German as Volkswagen. In the mid-1930s, prototypes of such cars were produced, under the Volkswagen brand. A year later, several dozen more such cars were produced, which were intended for testing: how well the car drives, maneuvers, fuel consumption, checked the design, as well as the disassembly of the Volkswagen.

At the beginning of 1938 in the German city of Fallersleben was founded factory, which was to begin production of Volkswagen. However, not many managed to become owners of a Volkswagen at the time, because World War II began and it came time to dismantle the Volkswagen by the British.

Subsequently, the production of cars of this brand was resumed again, and this brand lasted on the assembly line until 1972. The car was designed so well that it retained all of its original features throughout its years of production. In all the years that this model was produced, about 15 million cars rolled off the assembly line, which is a lot for a car produced in those years.

Gradually in the post-war years, Volkswagen evolved, and in 1953 a plant was founded to produce these cars in Brazil, which became the largest foreign car manufacturing plant. The company grew rapidly and the opening of the Brazilian representative office was followed by the opening of a plant in South Africa, then in 1960 was opened in France, in 1962 in Mexico, and nine years later even in Brussels. The car has become so popular that even when it was removed from production in the Old World, it is still quite a long time collected worldwide outside of Europe. The last place on the planet where the Beetles were assembled was Latin America, where they came off the assembly line until recently.

In our time, Volkswagen automobiles are known throughout the world, it is difficult to find a country where you would not know about this car, but as for the popularity of this brand in the CIS, it does not have to be said about it …

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