How does the refueling “gun” determine if the tank is full of fuel?

Modern gas stations use special dispensers, which allow the gun to detect when the car tank is full of gasoline, after which the fuel supply is immediately stopped. Many of us wonder how the gun at the gas station understands that the tank is full of fuel and it is necessary to stop the flow of gasoline or diesel from the dispenser. It is about the design of such modern fuel dispensers and guns that we will talk about in this article. If you forget the last time you refueled your car because it’s no longer running, turn it in for recycling: https://scrap4cash.com.

Many of us may think that somewhere in the fuel dispenser there is a special sensor that detects when the tank is full. However, the presence of such electronics would make the refueling process much more difficult, and the potential source of sparks in the refueling gun would simply be dangerous, because such a thing could cause gasoline vapors to explode. It uses only a mechanical design, which is characterized by its simplicity.

How does the refueling gun detect when the tank is full of fuel?

Construction of the refueling gun
Inside the refueling pistol there is a small valve with an additional diaphragm, and it is this valve that we open and close when the lever of the pistol is pressed. Such a valve is characterized by reliability and simplicity of design, which practically excludes its failure in the process of gasoline dispenser operation.

The filling gun has a special notch on its spout which, like a suction, provides air suction, as a result of which the pressure is discharged and the gasoline begins to flow out of the filling gun quickly. When the gun is submerged, when such a notch on its spout sinks into the liquid, the air suction stops and the position of the diaphragm changes, which pushes the fuse down. As soon as the fuse and valve are closed, we hear a characteristic click, after which the lever returns to its original position and the flow of fuel into the gas tank is completely stopped.

There is also a small metal ball inside the refueling gun, which, when the valve is closed, completely closes the channel through which the fuel flows. The channel itself is fully vacuum, which amplifies the rarefaction, respectively, even with its small diameter one can quickly supply fuel to the gas tank and easily block the hole with a small-sized ball.

To sum up

The refueling gun in modern dispensers at gas stations is quite reliable, and due to a special valve it is able to detect if the tank is full of gasoline, stopping the fuel supply immediately. The used design has only a mechanical principle of operation, without any electronics.

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