Choosing the right distance

An important point related to road safety is the distance to the vehicle ahead. In the traffic rules it is said that the distance is chosen based on the speed, the road stop, the condition of the car and the cargo. No one gives clear figures. If the distance was chosen incorrectly and you are involved in an accident, get cash for cars scarborough.

The length of the braking distance depends on two factors:

The reaction of the driver who notices the obstacle ahead. It depends on its speed, how quickly the braking will start.
The quality of the braking system of the car. It determines the distance the car will travel from the moment the brake pedal is pressed to a complete stop.
Increase the braking distance the following factors:

high speed (3 times more if you accelerate twice as hard);
Wet and slippery road surface (if on a dry road, for example, 40 meters, on a wet – 52, on a slippery – 86). The latter still threatens to skid and unpredictable trajectory.
In a traffic jam cars go with minimal speed and distance, so everyone has the same speed, and overtaking is almost ruled out. In such conditions it is not uncommon for passing cars to have accidents.

If you are driving behind another car and not on your own, you need to keep your distance, because the view of the obstacles ahead is limited. And be ready to brake right away, if the car in front of you slows down. Experienced drivers recommend to be guided by the maneuvers of the leader, because he bypasses obstacles and brakes in dangerous places. This way, you will not miss the imperfections of the road due to the fact that he blocks your view into the distance.

If you let the leader go too far ahead, another car will wedge between you, which greatly reduces the distance and is potentially dangerous.

It is therefore advisable to keep a careful eye on the distance to the vehicle in front. Watch the leader’s behavior and repeat his maneuvers. In a traffic jam try not to overstructure unnecessarily.

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